Alexander Kharitonov|| forum funded ::

Alexander Kharitonov|| forum funded ::


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Alexander Kharitonov is the president of Christian Camping International Russia.

When did you trust Christ?

I personally met Jesus Christ in June 1993 as a result of deep exposure to the truth of the Bible through reading and fellowship with Christians, catalyzed by a serious internal crisis and apparent lack of purpose in my life. My actual decision was made on June 25, 1993 at night in my own bedroom.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

Some important moments in my life include: the prayers of my grandmother, who was the only Christian in my family for 49 years (from the time my grandfather was killed in World War 2 until my conversion in 1993); my marriage to a woman from a Christian family; my pursuit of an academic career and my defense of my PhD thesis; working as a translator for Christian publishers and as a tutor for Western missionaries to Russia; and my first visit to a Christian camp in 1993, which was the first faith community that I experienced.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

I hope to network with other believers, to be mentored, and to receive inspiration, new ideas, and new insights into ministry.
What is your ministry?

I am the president of Christian Camping International in Russia. Our vision is to be a highly effective and highly valued ministry tool throughout the world supporting a growing alliance of internally strong, sustainable, and growth-focused associations of Christian camps, conference centers, outdoor activity providers and their leaders. I am responsible for leading the CCI in fulfilling its mission in Russia. I provide leadership on behalf of the board, serve the association membership, and directly supervise the team of CCI Russia. I teach, speak, write, edit, lead, listen, listen, and listen.
What are your past leadership roles?

I have been the president of CCI Russia since 1994. I have previously been the president of Narnia Publishing House and a board member of various Christian organizations.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Camping is an effective tool to reach people’s hearts.

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