Alina Balaceanu|| needs YRM funding ::

Alina Balaceanu|| needs YRM funding ::


Univesity Students

Ministry Focus:

What is your ministry?

By God’s grace I am now leading women’s student groups at Emanuel University of Oradea, which is part of a larger programmeme called Beauty in Holiness that wishes to involve all the women students in study and ministry groups, focusing on spiritual growth and serving others. Our group consists mainly of music students, and since the music section of the university has a very high percentage of girls, these groups have the potential of creating special bonds that will eventually impact the ministries of these students, and through it the university and the churches where these students are involved. Our focus is growing in faith through Bible study, Scripture memorisation, prayer, fellowship, and the sharing the Gospel through evangelism.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I feel compelled by God to develop my skills, knowledge, and experience to serve Him better through critical work and study in the area of biblical theology and the theology of worship, both researched and applied. I pray that God would use me to bless those who might need some of the answers to questions I also struggled with, and to use the passion He has put in me in order to glorify his Son, Jesus, in my life. I also hope to be able to help Romanian Christians (especially women and youth) to enhance their true worship of God by better understanding the doctrines of grace in a biblical context.

What is your leadership role?

Currently, my husband and I serve the students at Emanuel University of Oradea where he teaches choir and conducting, and we engage together as a family in various projects, events, ministry, and fellowship / Bible study settings.

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