Alina Rothwell|| YRM funded ::

Alina Rothwell|| YRM funded ::

United Kingdom


Ministry Focus:
Disciple-Making Leaders

What is your ministry?

I have recently taken the responsibility of leading the women’s discipleship of my church. I serve in an evangelical church in Bournemouth called Turning Point, which my husband and I planted nearly 8 years ago. We are a small gathering of believers with a heart to see our brothers and sisters grow into maturity in the gospel through God’s inerrant Word and through discipleship.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

Through my participation in the initiative I hope that I will be able to develop a robust and practical curriculum for discipleship, that can be adapted for the different contexts. I desire to understand deeper the means and methods of discipleship, learning from books, those with experience, and the others in my learning cohort. It is my Desire in discipleship to equip people to be effective disciples and disciple-makers, to do this I desire to give them the best possible framework, tools, and spiritual food, that the women can become more like Jesus and see great things done for Jesus than any of us could hope for.

What is your leadership role?

My role is to disciple women into maturity in the gospel in accordance with Titus 2. I oversee the women’s discipleship in the life of the church and I lead a small discipleship group where I am discipling three women that have been Christian for a substantial amount of time (they came to faith before coming to our church). In this group, my purpose is to disciple these women to maturity, which includes preparing them to be disciple-makers that make disciples. I also disciple one lady one-on-one which includes a deeper level of personal accountability and spiritual growth.

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