Ana Calvo|| forum funded ::

Ana Calvo|| forum funded ::


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When did you trust Christ?

Growing up in a Catholic country in an evangelical home wasn’t easy. My friends from school could not understand when I explained that my father was a “pastor” (they thought he was literally a “shepherd” in the field, which is what the word “pastor” means in Spanish). Very early on in life I had to decide what I thought about my parent’s faith and why we were so different compared to my friends. What was the truth? What about my Catholic friends or my Jehovah’s Witness friends? Who was right? How could a 12-year-old discern the truth? In the midst of my questions, I trusted the God of my parents and who the Bible said He was.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

I think for most of us growth comes when God uses the twisted roads and question marks that often come to our lives. Broken relationships and big changes, like moving to other countries and changing jobs, have helped me to understand how temporary and limited we are as human beings, but also how God has greater ways, purposes and plans than what we might have dreamed of. In my late twenties I attended seminary in the United States and pursued a Master’s degree in Christian Studies. My time at seminary was a wonderful opportunity to deepen in God’s Word and meet extraordinary people who are working all over the world. Life in Europe where Protestantism is not a majority religion is a daily challenge and a hard adventure to be on. My job in FEREDE is a daily challenge, as we work with the four other confessions that have legal cooperation with the Spanish government: Catholics, Muslims and Jews. My hope is that God will make me a person who can dialogue and who can speak about the beauty of the Gospel to a world that is very complex and needy.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

Being aware of the bigger pictures is always a source of encouragement and of wisdom. Networking and biblical training in Europe are necessary given the special hardships and difficulties we face. I am excited to meet other people who may be working in similar capacities, to learn and fellowship with them.
What is your ministry?

My role as the coordinator of Evangelical Religious Education in FEREDE encompasses the following: representing the ERE department before the Spanish Government and Ministry of Education together with the CEO of FEREDE; theological and pedagogical training of future Religious Evangelical teachers; creation of the kindergarten, primary and secondary Evangelical Religious Education curriculum for schools and teachers; providing information and maintaining relationships with parents, churches and pastors who are interested in learning more about Evangelical Religious Education in schools.
What are your past leadership roles?

While living in the United States, I was a university teacher for 3 years and was involved in mission trips with college students. I also served in World Vision for 3 years in Spain, however not in a leadership role.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

The ministry of FEREDE and Evangelical Religious Education is critical in Spain given our country’s long background in Catholicism and difficult journey growing in Religious Freedom. Having religious education in schools helps to normalize religion and religious freedom in Spain. Our country remains hostile towards other religious groups as a result of the lack of tolerance in our history. The ministry of Evangelical Religious Education can be lonely and it is in need of collaboration and help in many areas.

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