Benson Omondi|| needs forum funding ::

Benson Omondi|| needs forum funding ::


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Benson Omondi is a team leader and CEO for African Enterprise.

When did you trust Christ?

I surrendered my life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in 1992 while in high school. A fellow student preached to me about my need to seek forgiveness from God through Jesus Christ. This concept was very new to me, but it seemed to be so rewarding given the promise of eternal life. That night, I gave my life to Christ.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

While serving as a Christian Union Leader in the university, I received support and mentorship on how to reach my fellow students from the General Secretary of FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian Unions), who is still my mentor to this day. He encouraged me to attend an annual student conference which enabled me to grow in faith as a student. As a member of International Christian Centre, I had moments of leading teams to prison and hospital ministry. That has changed my perspective on life here on earth and thereafter.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

The Forum will boost my network of support and help me to build long-term friendships. I am keen on learning best practices in providing leadership for a Christian organization. The Forum will provide an opportunity to invite new friends to learn from our setting and to provide for them local entry support. I am keen to be equipped to serve more efficiently and in an effective manner. I plan to share the skills and knowledge acquired to teach others and build a local solid capacity by replicating myself into others. I also plan to support churches and para-church organizations through what I learn.
What is your ministry?

I serve full time with an organization called African Enterprise Kenya. We work together with a team of associates to evangelize the cities of Africa through word and deed in partnership with the church and other strategic partners. We do this by preaching the Gospel, but also responding to the social needs of the communities we serve by meeting those needs. For example, we provide for health needs by starting clinics, we provide water and sanitation needs to those living in slums, and so on. Through what we call as stratified evangelism, we reach out to professionals with the Gospel in their sectors. We partner with churches to train and disciple newly born again Christians. We mentor youth through leadership training.
What are your past leadership roles?

I was the chairman of the Christian Union in the university where I led students in worship and outreach. In

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Our ministry gives individuals a chance to participate in city-wide outreaches through our stratified evangelism model. The results have been changed hearts, restored families, healed marriages, and the reduction of evil in cities. Our ministry helps to build the capacities of women and youth to empower them with skills to live a fruitful life without having to depend on others. We engage with political leaders who influence society through what we call prayer breakfasts. Such forums go a long way in healing rifts among communities. We provide sanitation and clean water to boost the health and welfare of communities.

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