Charles DeWitt|| YRM funded ::

Charles DeWitt|| YRM funded ::



Ministry Focus:
Church Revitalization

What is your ministry?

In addition to pastoring my church, I also serve on the national leadership team of M4 Spain, a church planting movement. I have a passion for starting new churches but also for revitalising churches who are showing signs of stagnation, lack of vision, goals, priorities, etc.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I want to develop a realistic plan for myself and for the church to reverse the trend towards stagnation and death.

What is your leadership role?

I’m one of 4 pastors at the Catedral del Redentor (Cathedral of the Redeemer) of the Anglican Church of Spain in Madrid. This is a historic, downtown, Spanish-speaking Anglican church. I preach 2-3 times/month, teach Adult Sunday School, oversee children’s Sunday School, and organise outreach events.

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