Colleen Weaver|| YRM funded ::

Colleen Weaver|| YRM funded ::


Missions, Mentoring, Discipleship

Ministry Focus:
Disciple-Making Leaders

What is your ministry?

I serve on the international executive committee of TLEAD, theological leadership, education, and discipleship, for my mission. Equipping believers with the understanding and tools to make disciples who make disciples is one of my primary ministries. In January I organized a year-long cohort experience for missionaries and national leaders in Europe and the Middle East to develop their disciple-making process. I also serve in theological education, helping to develop an information training program in Ukraine and teaching as and where requested. We are currently looking at the certificate program developed by Re-Forma. I write the curriculum as requested by the OMS fields. I am starting discipleship bands following the model of John Wesley, one is in the US, one with other European missionary women, one with Ukrainians, and one with women in Spain.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I hope to gain knowledge and skills in disciple-making, to grow in my own relationship with Jesus Christ, to hopefully also encourage others in their walk with Christ, to be an active member in a network of disciple-makers that can pray for, and encourage one another and to celebrate what God is doing across Europe. I expect that I will learn various disciple-making processes and curriculums, but what I hope to learn how to facilitate a disciple-making movement, that every disciple will be able to obey Jesus’ commission to make disciples. Making new friends in Christ, especially in a discipleship group, would be a great outcome of this experience.

What is your leadership role?

My current leadership role is as the discipleship and leadership development coordinator for my mission. This position is in flux right now as my mission is in a process of re-organization, but disciple-making has become one of our four primary core tasks. As a member of the theological education team, I bring a theological as well as a practical perspective to disciple-making. Our team resources partner with theological education institutions around the globe. We review applications for itinerating professors. I am currently working on developing a course with video lectures on the doctrine of biblical holiness that will be a training resource for our mission. I also serve as the representative of the mission missionary council on the OMSGlobal board.

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