Cristhina Danies|| needs YRM funding ::

Cristhina Danies|| needs YRM funding ::


Humanitarian Aid

Ministry Focus:
Women in Organisational Leadership

What is your ministry?

I disciple and help women start new lives through job training opportunities, collaboration with social services, and a restoration programme at safe houses.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I wish to grow in my delegating and organisational skills. I also would like to learn how to be more assertive in decision-making and in leading others in the tasks that have been given (following up and empowering them). I would also like to learn how to manage my time wisely and organise my schedule better.

What is your leadership role?

I am currently leading an anti-trafficking ministry called Vite Trasformate in Bologna, Italy. It is a ministry of my church Nuova Vita and it reaches out to victims of sexual exploitation. I am also on the steering committee of an anti-trafficking national alliance in Italy and I help train people, connect new members, and plan events and conferences.

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