Dora Szabados|| YRM funded ::

Dora Szabados|| YRM funded ::



Ministry Focus:
Women in Leadership

What is your ministry?

I am the leader of the women’s ministry in our church. I hold a meeting for all the women in our church every month. Right now we are also studying a book together, with the aim of developing closer relationships between the women. I regularly meet with women in the church who are in need of pastoral counselling. I also lead the worship on piano in the church.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I really would like to develop in helping the women in our church to grow and I believe it happens firstly through getting to know the God of the Bible more and more. I want to grow as a Bible teacher and in learning how to ask good questions. I want to learn how to help the women in our church grow in their faith. I strongly believe that women have an important role in building up the church, and I want to help all the women to be better builders of the church.

What is your leadership role?

I have previously been involved in teaching pre-adolescent children at our church and organising the entire ministry for them.

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