Dumitrita Militaru|| forum funded ::

Dumitrita Militaru|| forum funded ::


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Disciple-Making Leaders

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Humanitarian Aid

Dumitrita Militaru works for Hellenic Ministries as part of its Mercy Ministries team.

When did you trust Christ?

When I was a child, my grandmother became a believer and took me to church. As a child I continued to attend church and to believe in what God’s Word teaches. I was baptized when I was 16.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

My first year attending Romanian Bible University when I was 18 was very impactful. During this time, I received God’s calling to serve as a missionary during a missiology class. This was also when I started to learn about God’s redemptive plans for the world and my place in them. In this season I met people who have had a great influence in my life, including pastors, a missionary leader who became my mentor, and some of my best friends who have encouraged me on my journey.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

We have been working on restructuring our entire organization over the last 2-3 years, as it has grown very much; we are redefining our vision and mission. The Forum has encouraged me to keep faithful to the big dreams that God is placing on my heart. I will return home from the Forum enriched and ready to bless our leadership team and, consequently, our entire ministry with what I learn. Our team is setting the foundations for a leadership training program in Greece that targets both Persian-speaking brothers and sisters and foreigners who want to train in order to go and serve in Muslim countries and bring the gospel there.
What is your ministry?

I serve with Hellenic Ministries as part of the Mercy Ministries team. Mercy Ministries is a branch of Hellenic Ministries that is designed to be Christ’s love in action with a specific focus on serving refugees. Displaced and homeless, persecuted and needy, refugees from North Africa all the way to Central Asia (predominantly Persian-speaking ethnic groups from Afghanistan and Iran) have found themselves in Greece. Through Mercy Ministries these Muslim refugees hear the Gospel proclaimed clearly through the preaching of the Word in their native tongue and see it though acts of kindness.
What are your past leadership roles?

I was our church’s young singles home group leader. I was the coordinator for a volunteer program at Touched Romania, an NGO in Bucharest that focuses on working with abandoned children and women at risk. For several years I was part of the core 10-person team that organized youth ministry camps in Romania.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

We are currently experiencing a one of a kind moment in Christian history; millions of Muslim refugees from the most strict and unreached places on the planet are coming to Europe, escaping violent and restrictive contexts. Our ministry believes this is a great opportunity that the church should not miss. The church can use this time to impact these refugees with love, truth, and hope. This is a type of work that might feel momentary because of its intense rhythm and need for immediate response; it’s impact, however, can last. We are working to impact a whole generation of Muslim people from Central Africa with Christ’s truth and love.

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