Edi Markaj|| YRM funded ::

Edi Markaj|| YRM funded ::


Children and/or Youth

Ministry Focus:
Youth Ministry Leaders

What is your ministry?

My main ministry is leading the youth group of my local church. I am responsible for their biblical formation and discipleship, and I evangelise the youth that attend our meetings but are not yet born again. I am one of the three members of the church’s leadership group and one of the main preachers in my local church. I volunteer with International Fellowship of Evnagelical Students (IFES), working with high school youth, students, and post-graduate students in my town. I am leading the development programme of World Vision for the most vulnerable children and youth in my district.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I am investing in 20 youth in my town, helping them to grow spiritually. My passion and my vision are to serve my church and I am putting all of my efforts into that.

What is your leadership role?

I leader the youth group in my local church. I am also part of the leadership team in my church and one of the teaching pastors.

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