Emanuel Danci|| needs YRM funding ::

Emanuel Danci|| needs YRM funding ::



Ministry Focus:

What is your ministry?

My ministry will be to provide a safe environment where students and young professionals in the engineering / science fields can expand their horizon and deepen their knowledge in the area of scientific apologetics. To address this problem, I plan on starting a study group where we can meet, discuss important topics, try to find answers to pressing issues together, and also organise public events.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I would like to grow in knowledge, both quantitatively and qualitatively and acquire new skills and insights into how to defend the Christian faith in one-on-one discussions. My focus for the next period is the exact reason for which I consider the Year-Round Mentoring program to be an excellent opportunity. It would be a great blessing and I consider that I would benefit immensely by studying the proposed topics and by being able to improve my presentation and conversational skills given the organised environment.

What is your leadership role?

I work as a Technical Lead for a SafeFleet, an international software company with headquarters in Romania, where I lead a major project with emphasis on algorithms. In addition, I do research in Natural Language Processing, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence, at one of the local universities and I also work as a Teaching Assistant for the Algorithms Design course. As for the future, I take into account the possibility of applying for a PhD position in Natural Language Processing, continuing as a Research Scientist in industry afterwards.

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