Emanuel Moisa|| needs YRM funding ::

Emanuel Moisa|| needs YRM funding ::


Pastoring and/or Bible Teaching

Ministry Focus:
Disciple-Making Leaders

What is your ministry?

I am the pastor of two churches, the vice president of education of the Baptist Association in the regional area, national coordinator of the Global Leadership Summit, and a member of the board that leads BIG-IMPACT ministry.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

Many of those who I meet come to know Christ and become involved in ministry. I want to learn to mulitply my own ministry, and I desire to work with others, to encourage their growth in Christ in every aspect of their lives. I also want to share with others what I myself have received.

What is your leadership role?

Currently, I lead a church. I oversee the disciple group leaders and I also work with a group that prepares the sermons we preach and I mentor them in preaching and in serving.

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