Hannah Donato|| needs YRM funding ::

Hannah Donato|| needs YRM funding ::


Bible Teaching

Ministry Focus:
Women in Leadership

What is your ministry?

My ministry is providing training materials for discipling students. As well as preparing materials, I often lead Bible studies with women and students

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I want to learn about having direction and developing a plan of how to get there, understanding how to go forward even when others don’t without being insensitive.

What is your leadership role?

At present, I work part-time with the national University Christian Union movement in Italy, GBU (IFES). I am responsible for the area of training and caring for the student leaders across the country, in particular following the local staff who care for them. I also lead our church Sunday School and am on the church council. My husband is one of the leaders of our local church.

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