Illia Vitchenko|| needs forum funding ::

Illia Vitchenko|| needs forum funding ::


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Leaders of Christian Organizations

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Ministry Administration and Service

Illia Vitchenko is a content manager for Eastern European Reformation.

When did you trust Christ?

I gave my heart to Jesus during my childhood. I grew up in a Christian family. I made a personal decision to follow Christ when I was 13. Since then I have had no doubts in my faith that Jesus is my Savior and my Lord.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

Some important moments of my walk with the Lord include my baptism, being mentored by more experienced brothers in Christ, and becoming involved in hands-on ministry.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

I expect to receive refreshment for my ministry from other successful leaders. I hope that topics in the Politics and Society Network will improve my understanding of these spheres and give me some practical ideas of how to be a Christian influence at the local and state level in Ukraine.
What is your ministry?

I am a leader of a family community group. I am also a leader of children’s ministry and ministry to teenagers in our church. In addition, I work for Eastern European Reformation as a content manager.
What are your past leadership roles?

In the past I have been a leader of youth ministry, of our church’s worship team, of a summer camp team, and of a community group for young men.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I always try to share the knowledge and practice I receive with other people. I work with young families, children, and teenagers, so I can share everything I learn from the Forum with them. The Forum will also help me improve my work with Eastern European Reformation.

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