Ilona Simon|| needs YRM funding ::

Ilona Simon|| needs YRM funding ::


Univesity Students

Ministry Focus:

What is your ministry?

I regard my teaching job as my ministry. My calling is to impart knowledge about the relationship between science and faith, and to diminish popular atheistic thoughts about the exclusiveness and power of science and its bias about the foolishness of faith. Currently, I give a lecture about the philosophy of science which fulfills this purpose. I have a goal to be an understanding and competent professor who is available to her students for any questions. As part of this ministry I strive to be a good researcher, to have a word in the world of science. In the church, I host and lead a faith-building home group.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I hope that there are people who will find my aims and area of ministry essential. I believe that promoting my development could be their extended ministry at the University of Pécs in Hungary. I would like to develop many different skills.

What is your leadership role?

I am a mathematician; I am currently doing research and lecturing at the University of Pécs, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. As a student, I led a local IFES group at the University of Debrecen for two years.

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