Inna Prokoptchouk|| YRM funded ::

Inna Prokoptchouk|| YRM funded ::


Bible Teaching

Ministry Focus:
Disciple-Making leaders

What is your ministry?

My ministry at my church is a gathering for young women called Sisterhood. I also lead a weekly Bible study group for some of the younger girls from Sisterhood.
For the last year, I was serving in a ministry for children at risk. In Spring this year I switched to another project from the same organisation, where I´m responsible for organizing and preparing volunteers for a year abroad, where they will serve in the organisational different locations, and learn the language and about the country and the culture of the country.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I understand that learning is important and I want to improve and grow -spiritually, in my ministry, my work, and my private life. The experienced and dedicated teachers and speakers of ELF taught me so much already and I believe that the year-round mentoring can help me grow, work on my weaknesses and learn how to be a better leader in the ministry and work, for God´s glory.

What is your leadership role?

I lead the ministry for young women in our church. We lead a team of 5 leaders and we serve about 40 young women. Also, I am preparing young people for a year abroad in a voluntary program. We teach them the language, prepare them for the different cultures they will live in, their responsibilities and tasks, crisis management, and other important things for a year away.

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