Jonathan Rosa|| needs forum funding ::

Jonathan Rosa|| needs forum funding ::



Ministry Focus:
Engaging Roman Catholicism

What is your ministry?

We are currently serving in Málaga. Our vision is to see Spaniards meet Jesus and work together to find expressions of church (more aptly micro-church) that are dynamic, misional, movemental, and that multiply. We look to live here in Málaga long term.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I have lots of questions about Catholicism that I hope to address by attending this YRM group.

What is your leadership role?

During my University years at Wheaton College I felt the call to full-time missions and changed my major from Engineering to Christian ministry. Since then I have served as a high school chaplain in the Cayman Islands, led a Christian gap year program in New Zealand, and am now here in Spain.

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