Jozef Budac|| forum funded ::

Jozef Budac|| forum funded ::


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Jozef Budac is the director of the In-Life student ministry in Bratislava.

When did you trust Christ?

It was during the second half of the year 2008, which was my fourth year of university studies. I was really depressed at that time in my life. I didn’t have any direction in my life. I wanted to have good friendships and a relationship with a girl, but didn’t have those things, and I had lost all meaning in my life. I thought about taking my life because I could not find any reason to live. At my worst moment I stood on a railway track and waited for a train. But the train didn’t come. That evening I prayed to God: “If you can show me meaning for my life, it is yours. I don’t have any meaning for myself.” Within three months I had met people from the Integrity Life (now In-Life) student ministry. They shared the good news with me and showed me that God has meaning and purpose for my life, and that He can use me in this world for many good things. When I realized that this was the answer to my prayer, I decided to trust Jesus and follow Him wherever He might send me.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

The first such moment was when I met people from In-Life and they started to lead me to Christ. This helped me (and is still helping me) to build the foundations of my faith. The second such moment was when I moved from my apartment, where I lived with my friends who were unbelievers, to an apartment with believers from In-Life. In that first apartment were many ungodly, sinful influences. After I moved, my life changed and I started to become more involved in ministry. The third moment was my decision to leave Brno and join a group of five people who were moving to Bratislava to start a new In-Life ministry there. I had to leave many good things in Brno, but it was a great decision. I learned a lot. One of the big things was that I saw how God can use one person in the ministry, and when I am active, how big that impact can be.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

The Forum has helped me to gain good biblical knowledge and has taught me how to lead in ministry. Through the Forum I can become a better leader and become a better member of our ministry team.
What is your ministry?

In-Life’s ministry focuses on university students in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our ministry reached 10,000 students last year. I am the director of the In-Life ministry in Bratislava. I am responsible for leading the ministry here and also for leading a team of students. I give talks for believers and for unbelievers. I also disciple students involved in our ministry.
What are your past leadership roles?

I was a supervisor in my secular, programming job, where I was responsible for projects and a team of people. In the ministry of In-Life, I was one of five people responsible for students in the city of Brno.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I believe that God is calling me to disciple others. He is continually bringing me in contact with young men who need to be mentored and taught. This is the desire of my heart. God gave me the vision of bringing up 100 leaders, who will themselves go on to disciple and lead others. I believe this could have a big impact on Slovakia.

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