Lidija Usurel|| forum funded ::

Lidija Usurel|| forum funded ::


Education—Childhood and Adolescent

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Lidija Usurel is the Assistant Coordinator of the Education Department for the Estera Foundation and a PhD student.

When did you trust Christ?

I was raised by devoted Christian parents. At the age of 14, I understood that I needed a personal Savior, so I committed my life to Christ.
What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

I was a high school student when I started to understand God’s calling in my life. In a deep desire to help people, I felt prompted to study psychology in Novi Sad, Serbia, but soon I realized this knowledge requires theological underpinnings in order to efficiently and holistically deal with people’s needs. That was when I became involved in a prayer group, through which I met a couple of missionaries. Those missionaries directed and supported the course of my development in theology, first in Timisoara, Romania, and then in Osijek, Croatia. There were theologians, faculty professors, and prayer warriors without whom my endeavors towards becoming who I am today wouldn’t have happened.
Why do you want to attend the Forum?

I am currently a PhD student and would love to learn more about issues that are of great interest to other doctoral students throughout Europe through the Forum’s Academic Network.
What is your ministry?

The primary goal of my current ministry in the Education Department of the Estera Foundation is to help young people maintain their physical, psychological, and spiritual personal hygiene by: providing information regarding the complexity of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual changes that occur in adolescence; offering them the skills for developing healthy relationships; empowering them for making good decisions; and assisting and counseling them in their struggles. My interest is also in developing a holistic, theologically-grounded, psychologically-attested, and contextually relevant approach to counseling.
What are your past leadership roles?

From 2002-2005, I was a Sunday school teacher at Elim Pentecostal Church in Timișoara, Romania. From 2005-2006, I was the youth leader at Church of God Pentecostal Church in Vršac, Serbia. From 2010-2013, I was Assistant in the Department of Christian Counseling at Evanđeoski Teološki Fakultet in Osijek, Croatia.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

In Romania, a country where about 9,000 babies are aborted every three days, the Estera Foundation is devoted not only to saving as many lives as possible, but also preventing irresponsible, promiscuous, and dangerous living among young people. The staff at Estera believes that through educating the younger generation to live responsible lives grounded in Christian ethics, we can bring perpetual value to society and reduce the effects of sin.

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