Lubica Piliesovska|| needs YRM funding ::

Lubica Piliesovska|| needs YRM funding ::


Church Planting

Ministry Focus:
Women in Organisational Leadership

What is your ministry?

I support church planters and serve the youth in our church.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I would like to help our national team to be effective in finding potential church leaders, assessing their potential and making sure that no church planter would be left alone in ministry, and to be an effective tool for raising awareness about the need of church planting, as it is God’s command to do so in order for the lost people to be saved and brought into His Kingdom. I would also like to improve my time management skills.

What is your leadership role?

I currently serve in the National team for the support of church planting of the Baptist Union in Slovakia. In close cooperation with Free Evangelical Brethren Church, the team of assessors (who work under the National team) meets with potential church planters (usually married couples) in order to assess their potential for church planting. I am also a part of the team that serves younger teenagers in our local church.

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