Lukas Bayer|| needs forum funding ::

Lukas Bayer|| needs forum funding ::

Czech Republic

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Lukas Bayer serves as a youth group leader in Czech Republic.

When did you trust Christ?

I did not grow up in a Christian family, but my friend attended a youth group in a nearby church and invited me to attend with him. Through that youth group, I got to know a little bit about Christianity, but I didn’t believe it. One night I started to think about the creation of the world. I concluded it is irrational to think the universe came into existence by chance or that it was created by many gods. The only plausible possibility seemed to be that the world was created by one God and that that God is worthy to be followed. I decided I would pray to the God I learned about in youth group to see if that religion worked. God answered my prayers and freed me from addiction, which confirmed to me that Christianity was the true religion. At that time, I didn’t understand Jesus ́significance. Then I attended an English Camp. During an event called Labyrinth we had to visit a few stations and complete some tasks there. At one station there were Bible verses we had to read and think about. These verses were about Jesus, His sacrifice for our sins, and so on. During that event I felt God ́s presence and understood the significance of Jesus and His sacrifice.
What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

The thing that changed my Christian life most was studying at the University of Mateja Bela in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, and being in constant fellowship with other Christians. This helped to shape my theology and my conduct in life. I also had many opportunities to serve in this school; my preaching improved and I developed leadership skills by leading small groups and worship. Two other events changed my life and helped me grow. First, while traveling by train I talked with a friend who asked me if I read my Bible regularly. I answered that I only read it sometimes. We talked about that topic for a little longer and that day I decided to read the Word every day. That brief conversation had lasting results. A second major moment was when I broke up with my girlfriend who I thought I would marry. I felt awful. I had doubts about myself and was confused. However, God used this to show me He has everything firmly in His hands. He knew that this breakup would happen, and it was in His plan from the beginning. I learned He always has everything under control, from the entire universe down to the details of my life. Therefore, I can trust Him in every situation.
Why do you want to attend the Forum?

The Forum will help me become a better preacher and ministry leader. More importantly, I think that participating in the Forum will help me in the future as I prepare to become a pastor.
What is your ministry?

I am the pastor of our youth group of 20-30 people, most of whom are university students. At times young professionals visit and we also invite high school students. Most are born-again believers, but at this moment there are three people who are not born again who attend the youth group.
What are your past leadership roles?

I was one of the team members that served in children’s ministry in our church.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I want to continue to serve in my current youth group, but I hope to become the pastor of a church. I have much to learn. Since I study theology, I have a foundation, but I believe I could use more practical training.

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