Maria Kamran|| needs YRM funding ::

Maria Kamran|| needs YRM funding ::



Ministry Focus:
Women in Leadership

What is your ministry?

My husband and I are Christ’s ambassadors. We work in the Pakistani community to uplift faith by evangelising in the workplace and at common gatherings of friends. We run a company called Explore Pakistan and arrange trips and share our Christian faith with people. I have also launched a YouTube channel which helps the country’s Christian community learn Christian teaching from the Bible. My husband and I work with Christian youth to mentor and disciple them. I also work as a motivational speaker.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

Pakistan really need leaders who are bold. I have a desire to work within communities. Christians in my country face a lot of persecution every day, both emotionally and physically. That is one reason our youth are far from church and professionals are busy just earning money to support their families. I have a heart for creating opportunities for people and for telling them the good news of Jesus Christ. People have a lot of talents and ways of using them for Jesus, but there are few people who can guide them and hold their hand to take the first step. I want to be the hand that helps them to take the first step. I want to have more knowledge about the Word of God. I want to have a better understanding the circumstances. I want to work on group development.

What is your leadership role?

I have worked with young women, training them to have leadership and management skills.

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