Mariia Tyshchenko|| needs YRM funding ::

Mariia Tyshchenko|| needs YRM funding ::


Ministry Administration and Service

Ministry Focus:
Women in Leadership

What is your ministry?

My current ministry is as project coordinator for a Lemberg Hall project. We are a coalition of four Christian ministries and Hosanna church. We have an ambitious goal to build a multifunctional complex with facilities for multiple ministries. Lemberg Hall will include a sports hall for floorball ministry, classes for a Christian school, a conference hall for large events such as a Global Leadership Forum in Kiev, and an open space for “Hebron,” a project that trains Ukrainian orphans in IT skills. I am working as a communicator between organisations, building a contact network, organising team meetings, and looking for other partners.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I want to be fruitful in my Christian life. I am thankful for deep roots in my faith from older Christians and my seminary education. The example of dedicated Christian leaders has inspired me to look for God’s face and to praise Him. My studies have had an impact on my spiritual walk with God. The fruit of my education comes from my teachers taking time to invest in me as a Christian and as aperson. I am always trying to look for new ways to continue my discipleship. I would like to learn how to engage others in discussion and I would like to learn how to ask better questions to encourage people to share openly. I also want to learn more about what the Bible has to say about women’s role in the church, relationships, and society.

What is your leadership role?

My last leadership role was organising the visit of motivational speaker Nick Vujicic to Kiev in 2018. More than 15,000 people attended this event. It was an amazing experience to set the strategy for the event and to lead the team.

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