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Mate Kiss|| forum funded ::


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Mate Kiss is a youth ministry leader in Romania and the financial secretary of the Hungarian Baptist Youth Association.

When did you trust Christ?

I was born into a Christian family. However, I was a hypocrite. I tried to avoid meeting my school friends and church members at the same time. One weekend during an evangelism campaign I felt desperate. I thought if time passed my heart might harden unless I dedicated myself to the Lord right then. I went to my pastor and we prayed together, but my sins didn’t hurt. I was afraid of not being able to repent. After the final sermon of the event, I went to the pastor and told him about my struggles. As we prayed, the ice broke and I started to cry. I realized how much I hurt God with my evil deeds and my wicked nature. I asked for forgiveness and received it on that day, March 16, 2014. Jesus Christ became my personal Savior! Since then I’ve been identifying myself as a follower of Him!
What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

After my conversion four of my friends and the father of one of them began to meet regularly. We shared from the Bible and prayed together. We held each other accountable. I consider this group a significant anchor in my spiritual life. Following my baptism, I was elected as one of the leaders of the local youth group. One key moment in my Christian life was when I spoke to one of our elders stating I wanted to take ministry seriously, but I could not fight youthful desires alone. That man became my mentor and has been holding me accountable. I find security in this fellowship, and the relationship developed into a close friendship.
Why do you want to attend the Forum?

Attending the European Leadership will bring me a deeper understanding of Scripture on a theoretical and practical level. I will learn new methods in evangelism and build strong relationships. I will gain biblical wisdom in how to be a better manager.
What is your ministry?

I serve among Christian university students in Cluj-Napoca, who have left home to study and are now searching for a community where they have the chance to grow in faith. We organize youth evenings where we worship together, pray together, listen to biblical teachings, and get to know one another. As the financial secretary of the youth association I manage the money and am involved in organizing conferences, camps and other youth events for the youth from Hungarian Baptist churches.
What are your past leadership roles?

I was one of the leaders of the local youth group in the Hungarian Baptist Church in Satu Mare, Romania, between 2015-2017. Since February 2018 I am one of the leaders of the university student youth group in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, a community that meets weekly and tries to serve and evangelize the Hungarian youth coming to study in Cluj from all around the country. About 80-100 youth meet weekly. Since January 2019 I am the financial secretary of the Hungarian Baptist Youth Association from Romania.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I am relatively young, eager to learn, and I have a sincere desire to serve the Lord. I am one of the five leaders of the Youth Association, and I could share the things I learn at the Forum with many local youth group leaders I keep in contact with.

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