Matthew Brima|| needs YRM funding ::

Matthew Brima|| needs YRM funding ::

Sierra Leone

Ministry Focus:
Organisational Development

What is your ministry?

I am presently pioneering Living Light, a marketplace ministry committed to walking alongside the church for the witness of Christ in the marketplace. I have an active ministry to members of the Sierra Leone Parliament. I am still in the discernment stage of recruiting other team members, but I am grateful that the Lord has provided an opportunity to minister to the presidency and lawmakers.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

Sierra Leone is a majority Muslim country with high levels of poverty and corruption. For many decades, the church has struggled to influence society largely because we have not been effective in our witness, especially in the marketplace. The Lord provided the opportunity for me to be trained at Gordon-Conwell and has given me a network of global friends who are ready to walk with me. The Lord has also blessed me with open doors of ministry amongst my people, an opportunity that I seek to maximise. My last organisational development experience was re-pioneering a ministry. I am presently pioneering a new organisation; it was difficult to know the history and do an organisational assessment. Knowing that these are important, I would love to grow in my organisational development capacities while setting up this new organisation. I also wish to develop in strategy development, setting up a realistic Vision and Missions, managing a new Board, and to be able to fund development.

What is your leadership role?

I returned home after three years at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where I served as the lead student in the office of the chapel. I have served as General Secretary for the National Student ministry in Sierra Leone for 7 years, providing leadership for staff, students, and graduates. I have also served as an executive of the Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone, an Evangelical body with a membership of over 50 denominations and para-church ministries.

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