Miles Fagan|| needs YRM funding ::

Miles Fagan|| needs YRM funding ::


Ministry Focus:
Disciple-Making Leaders

What is your ministry?

I am the pastor of a small church of older folk who have been faithful, and who continue to surprise me as they tell me how they are growing in Christ. I preach weekly, along with leading small groups and chairing church business meetings. We have recently held some evangelism outreach activities through conversation and pastoral care. In my Defense Chaplaincy Role I meet with ADF personnel from all walks of life and support them pastorally while talking about the Gospel.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I would like to have a better structure for discipleship and I would like to improve my ability to develop curriculum. I would also like to improve upon my discipleship theology.

What is your leadership role?

I am the minister of Mt. Evelyn Presbyterian Church and Naval Chaplain (Reserve).

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