Nate Conrad|| needs YRM funding ::

Nate Conrad|| needs YRM funding ::

United States


Ministry Focus:

What is your ministry?

Associate Pastor in a PCA church, serving with two other pastors, leading a congregation of 500 in Dublin, OH.

My ministry efforts are toward discipleship and spiritual formation in the Christian community. My goal is to see men and women grow in Christlikeness as they seek community together for encouragement, biblical literacy, and life change.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

My primary motivation or goal is to learn from others in ministry. I seek wisdom into particular methods of Christian service, a sense of call, and personal/spiritual health as I continue in ministry.

I find discouragement and aimlessness to be frequent companions and would like to learn from others how best to respond to these things to stay healthy for long-term ministry.

What is your leadership role?

My work is primarily one of management: overseeing full and part-time staff, volunteer leaders for small groups and adult education, and assisting the deacons in their mercy work. Other sundry tasks include counseling, marriage counseling, logistics and planning, and some IT support for the office.

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