Petry Groza|| YRM funded ::

Petry Groza|| YRM funded ::


Ministry Administration and Service

Ministry Focus:
Church Revitalization

What is your ministry?

Along with a group of young believers, I formed the Regen Foundation, where I serve as the president. I lead a group of two full-time paid staff and around 10 volunteers. Our vision is to see people regenerated in all aspects of life. The vision statement of the Regen Foundation is to see men, women, and children regenerated spiritually, economically, and socially, so that they can become change agents in a deprived world. We run homework clubs in 5 locations around our town of Fagaras. Over 200 children and youth come to receive help. We teach them the Bible and also give them academic help. We are also involved in taking them to camps where we share the Gospel. Recently, we have been involved in social and medical programmes, all with the main purpose of showing God’s love in practical ways and building relationships in a culture that is hostile to evangelicals.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

My desire is to always strive to be more and more like Jesus. I want to be surrounded by people who have gone before me and learn from them. I always want to grow, therefore I need someone to teach me and to support me in my growth. I would like to learn how to communicate better and to share new ideas. I want to also learn how to help people lead as a team and bring change together.

What is your leadership role?

In my local church I served as a youth leader, and I was also the youth group’s worship leader and continue to lead the church in worship. I am also a choir director. In addition, I have worked as a project manager, translator, and evangelist for a ministry called the Romanian Chapel Project, which is part of the American IMB. I have been responsible for organising many short term mission teams, and in the last few years God has entrusted me with investing in the lives of many young people. In addition, I have helped organise youth conferences with History Makers; over 150 young people attended those conferences!

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