Robert Miksa|| YRM funded ::

Robert Miksa|| YRM funded ::


Pastoring and/or Bible Teaching

Ministry Focus:
Disciple-Making Leaders

What is your ministry?

I was the pastor of a Baptist Church in Poland for 27 years. I was one of three young pastors on a small pastoral team when the church began. I was the senior pastor, involved in several of the church’s ministries. I worked with youth and students, and I did apologetics, preaching, teaching, and some counselling. But just recently, I was sent by my church to plant a new church. I also teach hermeneutics in a Baptist seminary and write articles for Poland’s national Baptist magazine.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I would like to learn what mentoring should look like within the church. I hope to receive training in apologetics and preaching. I also hope to learn how to create a body of leaders within the church. I would like to learn how to identify new leaders and how to help them in their ministry.

What is your leadership role?

I have been a youth leader, choir leader, preacher, and elder in the local church. I have led Bible studies and written articles for Christian magazines on Christian life and apologetics. Currently, I am a senior pastor of a local church.

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