Stepan Rucki|| needs YRM funding ::

Stepan Rucki|| needs YRM funding ::

Czech Republic


Ministry Focus:

What is your ministry?

For 18 years I have been the president (and one of the founders) of the Christian Fellowship for Health Service Workers – organizing many conferences for Czech doctors and nurses together with ICMDA and HCFI representatives. I personally have held many lectures on topics like the Christian view on alternative medicine, and ethical issues like sanctity of life, assisted reproduction, homosexuality etc. I am the author of the books like Alternative Medicine: Help, or Danger? and Is Anyone Among You Sick? (in Czech). I also spoke regularly on popular topics (ethics, evolution/creation, biblical truths) at the youth camps (e.g. X-camp in Smilovice).

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I would like to grow in my skills for writing and speaking on the topic of science and faith.

What is your leadership role?

At present I am working as the head of the pediatric department in community hospital (Trinec), participating in postgraduate specialization training of young physicians. Some years ago, I did scientific research in pediatric hypertension (PhD thesis on childhood ambulatory blood pressure monitoring at the Charles University in Prague). I have co-authored two books for the pediatricians: Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Pediatrics and Cardiologic Minimum for Practicing Pediatricians.

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