Steven Hamilton|| YRM funded ::

Steven Hamilton|| YRM funded ::

United Kingdom

Bible Teaching

Ministry Focus:
Church Revitalization

What is your ministry?

I have been involved in various ministries and have worked for 4 years with Youth For Christ, encouraging, supporting, and pioneering youth outreach in and through churches throughout the whole region of North East Scotland. This showed me just how many small churches there are with individuals often wanting to do something to give the church a bit of life, but are struggling and feeling isolated. When I was called by the church I currently serve in, I felt a slight degree of expectation to bring a bit of life to a congregation of mainly older folks. I have been encouraged to see the church grow in numbers and local mission engagement over my time serving there. I have a passion to see in smaller, even struggling and dying congregations come to life.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

It will be helpful to be challenged by a variety of people from different backgrounds and missional contexts. Meeting others and sharing about work and praying together will be inspiring. Receiving the level of deep and focused training in areas like preaching and mission is also a big reason for going.

What is your leadership role?

I serve as an elder and full-time church worker in a small independent evangelical church (around 30 members). I am responsible on a fortnightly basis for the Sunday teaching, leading a Bible study/prayer meeting, and running a food bank. I am responsible for the youth and student work in partnership with other groups like Scripture Union, UCCF and Friends International.

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