Titus Buita|| needs YRM funding ::

Titus Buita|| needs YRM funding ::


Children and/or Youth

Ministry Focus:

What is your ministry?

I am involved with my home church in Dublin, Ireland. I serve as a youth leader. I also preach during Sunday services and youth nights and teach theology lessons

What do you hope to gain from participating?

My goal is to equip students with the necessary and relevant tools so that they can share and defend their faith efficiently. I would like to develop an apologetic strategy. I believe that every conversation we have with unbelievers must be like a chess game: the apologist must think of almost all possible outcomes and be ready by having three to five moves already thought of and prepared.

What is your leadership role?

In the past, I worked for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) based in Cluj, Romania. In my role as Regional Speaker and Head of programme, I spoke both nationally and internationally on various topics related to theology and philosophy of religion. I also co-hosted #AskAway (in Romanian), a video podcast where we discussed various topics related to Christianity such as the existence of God, the problem of evil and suffering, the Trinity, and so on. While pursuing my undergraduate studies at Moody Bible Institute in the USA, I also worked with Ratio Christi, a campus ministry, where I established the first-ever student apologetics society / club at Moody Bible Institute.

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