Zsuzsanna Onasoga|| YRM funded ::

Zsuzsanna Onasoga|| YRM funded ::



Ministry Focus:
Disciple-Making Leaders

What is your ministry?

I teach and counsel women and work as a counselor at the church and at Hana’s Hope in Novi Sad as a counselor and teacher, and I have developed the women’s ministry in our fellowship.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I hope to gain new ideas on how to approach the struggles of others to understand myself and my situation. With more insights, I believe I can serve with less strain and stay more focused on what God wants, not me or others. I would like to grow in compassion and patience as I counsel others through their personal situations. I would also like to be able to recognize when a mentoring relationship is no longer worth pursuing.

What is your leadership role?

I’m the leader of our fellowship’s women’s ministry, cooperating with other fellowships. Our church’s women’s ministry involves Bible study for all ages, sharing and prayer for ladies over 60, retreats for moms with young kids, seasonal meetings with other churches – Easter/Christmas fellowship, online prayer group for moms with school-aged kids, and more. At the NGO we organize Bible studies for moms who know about Jesus and studies for ladies who walk with God but have a challenging life situation. I serve as a counselor at our church and also at the NGO often encouraging the client to sinc their walk with Jesus. Also together with my husband who is the senior pastor of our church do couples ‘discipleship/counseling.

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