Adrian Marusak|| forum funded ::

Adrian Marusak|| forum funded ::


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Adrian Marusak is the leader of KECY English Immersion Camps in Slovakia.

When did you trust Christ?

In 2012 I attended a KECY English Immersion Camp thinking it would be a fun thing to do in the summer. At that camp I heard the Gospel for the first time. I didn’t immediately believe, but it raised a lot of questions for me. One thing I was sure about was that the love the people at the camp showed towards me was really different from what I knew from other Christians I had met. I thought that if there really was some kind of God who loved us, then those people surely knew Him. A few months later, I attended a winter camp that was run by the same group. At that second camp I finally trusted Christ. Later I started to realize more and more how good God is and what it actually means to trust in Him.
What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

After my decision to follow Jesus, I started to meet together in a small group led by one of the leaders from the church. We studied the Bible more deeply and learned about discipleship. This had a huge impact on my walk with Christ. I would also say that situations that were extremely hard in the moment have been the times that God has used to make me grow the most, whether it was losing a great friend or struggling through seasons of doubt.
Why do you want to attend the Forum?

I hope to learn how to be a better leader and also to meet people from other parts of Europe leading similar ministries. I believe that when the leader gets better the whole organization gets better, so I think anything I grow in can have a direct impact on the entire ministry I am part of.
What is your ministry?

I lead KECY English Immersion camps. These are the same camps that led me to the Lord. The camp process starts with one camp week during the summer where our main purpose is to get to know the students more and to share the Gospel with them. Then throughout the summer we are doing “follow ups” with them to immerse them in youth groups and other student activities. During the school year we go deeper with the students through youth groups and small groups.
What are your past leadership roles?

I have been the leader of a worship team responsible for doing worship evenings a few times a year and also playing songs at Sunday services. I also led worship in KECY camps.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I have really seen God change lives through the ministry I am part of, including my own life. That is the reason why I keep being part of this ministry and why I love doing it. However, I am still a young leader, so there are many areas where I have room to grow.

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