Alessandro Piccirillo|| forum funded ::

Alessandro Piccirillo|| forum funded ::


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Alessandro Piccirillo is a co-pastor in his local church, and a panelist and editor for the Centre of Ethics and Bioethics Studies.

When did you trust Christ?

Born and raised in an evangelical family strongly committed to the local church, I came to give my life to Jesus when I was six, understanding how bad sin was and what was necessary to remove it and to be part of God’s family.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

In my teens I started to question the very basis of my faith. I knew I was saved from eternal damnation, but was very reluctant about submitting my whole life to God. Basically my high school years were spent in an ambiguous condition before God, denying the revealed Creator yet clinging to the hope He really existed and worked in reality. After high school I entered the military, a period which was crucial. Having felt the depths of sin, loneliness and life’s senselessness, I resorted to the Psalms and was brought to understand God’s love in Christ. This brought me back to reconsider what I had been taught in church. I became all the more aware of the necessity of believing though not understanding everything at once, but trusting that the Lord would gradually reveal Himself to me through a life of discipleship and submission to His Word and to His work in my life. I soon rebuilt my life in the local church, pastored by the teaching of elders. I was baptized in December of 2003, married in 2008, and became a deacon in 2012.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

I expect it to be beneficial for two reasons: networking and learning. Learning is always welcome, but networking, especially for Italian evangelicals, is crucial.
What is your ministry?

I am a co-pastor in my local church, and a supporting preacher in a church in a neighboring city. I am involved in the Centre of Ethics and Bioethics Studies in Padua as an editor and panelist. I am involved with the Italian Evangelical Alliance (formally the EEA), as well as with YLGen (Lausanne Movement).
What are your past leadership roles?

Previous to my role as a co-pastor I was a deacon and lay preacher in my local church.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I do consider myself a man saved by God and privileged in serving Him in small ways as well as bigger ways, ways that pass my immediate God-given faculties. This is why I need training and networking.

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