Andi Dina|| needs YRM funding ::

Andi Dina|| needs YRM funding ::


Church Planting

Ministry Focus:
Pastoral Growth

What is your ministry?

I am leading a new organisation called IGNIS Ministry. IGNIS Ministry exists to encourage, resource, and equip local churches and church plant initiatives in all spiritual and organisational matters to accomplish their mission to be light and salt in the Albanian society. I also lead a new church in Tirana, Albania, named “Light Church.”

What do you hope to gain from participating?

In my country, there is still a big need for theological training, ministry training, and opportunities to come and pray together—to learn from and help each other, especially where the need is bigger. My vision is to give every Albanian in my generation the opportunity to hear the Gospel and to provide a path for every Christian to spiritual maturity. I want to learn how to conduct a good pastoral ministry, family life, and to reproduce healthy leaders / disciple / churches. I also need to get more experience, knowledge, capacity, growth and fundraising help.

What is your leadership role?

I have been a chaplain at Prison Fellowship Albania, a project manager at EA of Albania, regional coordinator in the Balkans for One Hope Ministry, a church planting team leader in two church planting projects, a cheer leader for 15 years, and a church planter with Acts 29. I am now leading an Albanian organisation trying to ignite evangelism and spiritual maturity for Christians.

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