Andrea Aresca|| needs YRM funding ::

Andrea Aresca|| needs YRM funding ::


Christian Ministry

Ministry Focus:
Ministry Administration and Service

What is your ministry?

I work as a freelance management consultant, mainly in the areas of organization, processes, and people development. I work mainly with small and medium-sized enterprises, but one of my larger clients is a Christian non-profit, where I have been involved in staff training, personal organization, and time management, and consulting the directors on organizational structure. I volunteer as a board member of the Italian branch of Ethnos 360 mission (formerly New Tribes Mission). I also preach in my local church, as well as in other churches. I have been teaching in Christian conferences on the topic of time management.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I expect to deepen my understanding of the specific organizational dynamics and challenges of non-profit organizations. I expect to improve my skills in fundraising and relationship development. I expect to gain practical principles I can apply both in working with clients and as a board member of Ethnos 360. I would also like to understand if consulting for Christian non-profits can have a major role in my work or if it might even be my calling from God.

What is your leadership role?

As a board member of Ethnos 360 Italy, I have been involved in all major decisions so far: banking, insurance, missionary management, and the organization’s relationship with churches. My main contribution is leading the redefinition of our mission and vision as a local entity and developing our strategy and organization. After this stage, I have been asked by the national director to assume the role of project manager, to coordinate and monitor all the initiatives of the mission and their alignment with overall goals and objectives.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I am interested in organizational development since it is a main focus of my job. I would like to use my skills and expertise to help non-profit organizations. At Ethnos 360, the main challenge we face is fundraising. The mission has been operating in Italy for more than 10 years but there has not been significant growth or the creation of a strong base of relationships.

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