Cristian Cazacu|| needs YRM funding ::

Cristian Cazacu|| needs YRM funding ::



Ministry Focus:
Fine Arts

What is your ministry?

I have been involved in music ministry for nearly thirty years, both in church/worship settings, and as a singer, songwriter, and performing artist. In the early days, I focused almost exclusively on playing in a worship team and leading worship in my local church. Later on, I began performing nationally with my pop/rock band called “Born Again.” In 2007, I began studying at Fuller Theological Seminary, pursuing an MA in Global Christian Worship. Since graduating in 2010, I have continued performing my music nationally, teaching worship seminars, and giving talks on the need for engaging the arts theologically and making the voice of the artists heard in Church and culture for the purposes of the Kingdom of the risen Christ.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

First and foremost, I hope to join a community of artist-saints. Second, I want to complete the long-desired mentoring journey with people who have walked this path before me. Third, I long for a cross-cultural experience and a learning process that unveils the beauty of God’s faithfulness through the arts in various cultures. Finally, I look forward to the one-on-one coaching sessions.

What is your leadership role?

As an artistic mentor, I feel the burden to impart from my experience and knowledge to those from the younger generations, in order to help them avoid some of the mistakes I made when there was no one to turn to for guidance. As a trainer, I am currently developing a curriculum for an online course on the need for a practical theology of worship.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

With a vision for the arts in Christian worship and witness at a national level, there are a lot of strategic, logistical, and administrative aspects that need to be considered in order to turn that vision into reality. I also feel the need to deepen my understanding of the arts theologically, but also how I articulate such an understanding in my context of ministry. Finally, since I want to also write songs in English, I feel the need to surround myself with English native speakers, artists in their own right, who can help me become a better lyricist.

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