Francesco Maggio|| needs forum funding ::

Francesco Maggio|| needs forum funding ::


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Francesco Maggio is the director of a national mission agency that evangelizes to Muslims.

When did you trust Christ?
Before becoming a Christian, I lived in a far from rosy economic situation and was determined to change that. I tried to achieve this goal in every possible way. In my life there were thoughts and actions that I had to change if I wanted to surrender my life to God, but I wasn’t willing to do that. I decided to manage my life alone, in the conviction that money, success, and power would fulfill me. Ambition was my focus. Through that sort of life, I became rich. But then disappointment occurred and despair set in. Finally, someone shared Jesus Christ with me and I started a new life with Him. 
What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?
In the beginning of my Christian walk my pastor played the most important part in discipleship and encouragement in my life. Despite some Christian friends who did not believe in my sincerity (as I failed many times), my pastor discerned my struggles and my sincerity, believed in me, and discipled me faithfully! Later I was able to go through a two-year training program with Operation Mobilization. The field leader at that time also had a big impact on my life and that period confirmed my calling to do evangelism among Muslims.
Why do you want to attend the Forum?
The Forum is an immense privilege, where I get to take some time for my personal, spiritual, and academic growth. I am able to learn from other teachers and to make connections with other Christians in similar ministries. I am sure my ministry in Italy will benefit, as I will be able to set apart a few days and invest in myself.
What is your ministry?
I am the Director of Islamecom, an Italian organization that evangelizes to Muslims. Our vision is to evangelize among Muslims, and to equip and train the Italian church in Muslim evangelism and discipleship. We produce useful resources for the church, have a satellite TV ministry, and engage in follow up ministry.
What are your past leadership roles?
I was the coordinator of Muslim ministry in Italy under Operation Mobilization Italy from 1996 – 2000. I was the national director in Italy of AWM (Arab World Ministries) from 2000 – 2008. In 2001, I was the founder and director of the national Italian mission agency META Onlus. I was also the coordinator in Italy for Operation Transit (in cooperation with Life Agape, evangelistic ministry to North Africans in the Italian ports since 1996).
Why should someone invest in your ministry?
I am heading up the only national ministry among Muslims in Italy. We are investing in teaching the Italian church how to reach Muslims with the Gospel as well as doing evangelism ourselves. These individuals might realize, I hope, the big need for the Italian church to be better equipped and the big challenge and opportunity that current immigration to Italy presents in my country.

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