Lucia Stelluti|| needs YRM funding ::

Lucia Stelluti|| needs YRM funding ::


Christian Ministry

Ministry Focus:
Ministry Administration and Service

What is your ministry?

I am involved in the Italian Evangelical Alliance on a regional board, coordinating activities, meeting churches leaders, and leading events.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I want to grow in my personal confidence in Christ with a clearer vision of my specific and personal calling. I would like to learn how to interact well with different public and political stakeholders. I want to learn how to live my womanhood in leadership and how to interact with male leaders with confidence and sobriety. I want to improve how I communicate the vision of both my organizations and bring together the right persons with the same vision and a strong passion and commitment. I want to learn how to keep a balance between my private family life and my public role.

What is your leadership role?

In a few weeks, I will probably take up the position of vice president of IEA with a more public role. This would include national and international engagement and a representative role with political authorities and evangelical leaders of churches and organizations. I am also on the communication team for Ideaitalia, the news magazine of IEA. For 10 years, I have also been part of the board of the Committee of Evangelical Teachers in Italy. I am responsible for communication, pedagogical research, writing, and promoting activities and events.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I would like to work on my own emotional stability in difficult times and learning to listen to diversity of opinion. I would like to better understand political and public communication and relationships. I want to see a growing regional and city network of collaborative initiatives through churches, mission organizations, diaconal works, and professionals. For the committee of teachers of which I am part, I want to build a wider and stronger network of parents, teachers, and students with a heart for a movement of Christian education in Italy. I would like to begin an evangelical training for teachers and young students in the educational sphere with a connection to similar European initiatives.

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