Marek Tomasovic|| forum funded ::

Marek Tomasovic|| forum funded ::


Christian Ministry—Pastoring/Church Planting

Forum Network:
Bible Teachers and Preachers

Ministry Focus:
Pastoring and/or Bible Teaching

Marek Tomasovic is an assistant pastor.

When did you trust Christ?

It was at a Christian camp in the summer of 2007. I was praying and, for the first time, I felt like God is really there and listening to me. And I felt His presence right there next to me. That was the beginning of my relationship with Jesus.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

I think that the way that others impacted my faith was through their own relationship with Jesus and me seeing their lives and their living faith. And then of course situations in my life where God was working and teaching me lessons (like when I gave up a job so I could do ministry and God miraculously took care of me financially). Or when I was struggling with a sin that I was not able to defeat but He was still there waiting for me to come and to restore my soul and give me more strength to keep fighting and I finally won the fight (He taught me that He is faithful and He is still there for me despite what I have done). And one of the biggest things I see is that God was taking care of me long before I became a Christian and preparing me to accept Him when the time came.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

The Forum has always been a place for me where I find encouragement, gain new skills, find new resources, and make new friends from the fellow servants in the ministry. It is hard to overstate the impact the Forum has had on my life and my ministry over the last few years. To be able to experience it again, to make new friends, find encouragement, gain new resources, and meet people who are passionate and hopeful about the Gospel in Europe – it’s something I just want to be a part of.
What is your ministry?

My main current ministry focus is towards preaching and leading. Together with my wife and other single man we lead one of three missional communities in our church, which provides more of discipling and counselling opportunities. Since the spring of 2016, I’ve been part of the church staff as an assistant pastor in training. Besides this, I am involved and the wider youth ministry of my denomination where I am one of the main speakers and seminar teachers. A few times I’ve had the privilege to speak at Josiah Venture’s National Youth Conference in Slovakia.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Being able to have fellowship with Christians from all around Europe is an invaluable aid. Being able to talk with different people and hear their opinions and ideas to my situation (and vice versa) is a rare and great thing.

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