Marija Maran Nocajac|| forum funded ::

Marija Maran Nocajac|| forum funded ::


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Marija Maran Nocajac is the founder and fundraising manager of a Christian NGO called Vredne ruke Vojvodjanke.

When did you trust Christ?

I come from an Orthodox family. As a child I went to church but I never had a real relationship with Him. My family was very dysfunctional. I never felt loved and accepted. When my father passed away in 2007, I was left to live with my mother who had cancer and my younger sister. My childhood vanished. I had to accept a new life and a harsh reality; I had to fight for my family any way I could. Many of those ways were not good and that got me into trouble with many people. As time passed, I became frustrated by the ungratefulness of my mother and sister because they did not appreciate what I did for them. That frustration led me to start drinking and spending time with people who were a bad influence. During this time my best friend became a drug addict and needed help. After he heard about a rehabilitation facility, he went there to get help and he had to spend two years there. His departure was another loss and I became angry. I withdrew inside myself. At the beginning of the year of 2013, I broke up the engagement with my betrothed and that was the turning point in my life; everything became pointless and I wanted to die. At the end of that same year I spent time with my best friend again and he was now a completely changed person. When I asked him what changed him, he said it was Jesus. Since I didn’t have anything in my life to hold onto, I decided to give Jesus a chance. It took me about six months to open up myself to Him. In the March of 2014, I gave my life to Christ and that was the best decision I ever made.
What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

One the defining moments of my Christian walk was when I met my husband. Through him God has elevated me, brought back my faith in love, and showed me that I can love again. I am happy and I feel fulfilled in my marriage. God has made my wish come true; I feel loved and accepted.
Why do you want to attend the Forum?

I want to attend the European Leadership Forum because I am leading an organization. I need to learn how to be a better leader and how to lead as a Christian.
What is your ministry?

In the beginning, my ministry started from my desire to help my fellow Christian friends with the talents that God gave me so that their organizations would function better. I started an NGO that helps the work and ministry of many Christian organizations through fundraising and social media. The organization is a bridge between non-Christian and Christian organizations.
What are your past leadership roles?

Besides my current ministry, I am also part of “International Marriage Week” in Novi Sad, in which my role is fundraising and social networking for activities that are done within this ministry. Every year I successfully collect donations for a couple of Christian ministries like Week of Marriage, Hana Hope, and Focus. These donations come from more than one hundred sources that are non-Christian. These donors give wholeheartedly through my organization to other Christian projects.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

As a young believer and with the ministry that I have been given, I believe that I need to be surrounded with people of similar experience and knowledge so that I can learn from them.

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