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Monika Shaded is a doctoral student in painting and runs a group for student artists at her university.

When did you trust Christ?

The year 2004 was a turning point in my life. After breaking up with my fiancée, I became depressed and began suffering from anorexia. At the critical moment when I wanted to commit suicide, I cried out: God, if you exist, show me now. God answered. The amazing presence of God came to me. I experienced in that moment His love, joy, and forgiveness. This moment radically changed my life and I decided to follow Jesus.
What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

The community of believers of which I was a part had a great impact on me. Alina Wieja, an important leader in Poland, had a big influence on me. In 2008, I finished a Christian counseling course through her foundation “Life and Mission”. For three years, I used this knowledge to provide socio-therapeutic classes for children from alcoholic families. I also used art in these classes. My first church community fell apart and it was very difficult time for me, but it was also a great opportunity for growth and trust in God. My husband and I are also missionaries with an organization called International Messenger. My work with this organization has had a big impact on me as well.
Why do you want to attend the Forum?

Being at the Forum has given me a lot of inspiration to serve through the arts. There is very little talk about art in God’s plan in Poland. I will be able to take some of the concepts and ideas presented by the speakers at the Forum and present them in Poland. Personally, the Forum was also a time when God told me to take on more leadership responsibility.
What is your ministry?

A year ago I recently returned to the University of Arts in Poznan after spending a few years taking care of our two young children. I am pursuing my doctorate of fine arts in the field of painting. I have also started a student group at the university for artists. I am also an active artist and regularly exhibit in different parts of Poland.
What are your past leadership roles?

From 2006-2008 I was a leader in the church of Effata. From 2008-2011 I led socio-therapeutic classes for children from alcoholic families. From 2008-2019 I was an assistant professor at the University of Arts in Poznan. From 2008-2018 I was a painting teacher in the National Museum in Poznan. From 2008-2011 I was a painting teacher at the Art High School in Poznan. From 2013-2016 I helped my husband organize evangelism camps for children.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Due to my work as a painter, I am able to be a witness for Christ in a secular environment and in areas where it might be difficult for other Christians to go.

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