Nixon Echavez|| needs YRM funding ::

Nixon Echavez|| needs YRM funding ::


Christian Ministry

Ministry Focus:
Education and/or Training

What is your ministry?

My ministry allows me to serve on national, continental, and global levels. As an Executive Member of the TOPIC (Pastoral Training and Church Health) Commission of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), I serve thousands of leaders under PCEC, which oversees at least 40,000 churches and 250 para-church organizations. As Europe Director for GlobalLead, I serve various ministry leaders, particularly in youth ministries, local churches, and denominational groups. As a mentor for the Lausanne Movement’s Young Leader Generation Network, I have the privilege of speaking into younger leaders’ lives and assisting them in their growth journey.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

Through the Forum’s Year-Round Mentoring program, I expect to grow in church revitalization to be in a better position to help churches in Europe and in other places, especially those experiencing plateau or decline, to bring conversion growth in the church and spiritual growth of the members. I also hope to develop connections with other ministry leaders who have the same passion for spiritual accountability and future ministry collaborations.

What is your leadership role?

I was appointed last July to be Europe Director for GlobalLead, a ministry that has trained more than 25,000 leaders in over 50 countries. We serve those in ministry through training and mentorship to position Christian leaders for multiplication. All our programs are developed based on Christ’s life and ministry to ensure that the principles we teach are transferable to any location and ministry context. We intend to minister to the heart and enhance the skills of Christian leaders globally. I currently work with volunteers in Europe who are graduates of GlobalLead programs. Once the entire family is vaccinated and travel is possible, we hope to relocate to Europe to continue our ministry.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Church revitalizers must have: a willingness to have longevity; relational patience; leadership muscle; spiritual awareness; and organizational ability. I would like to develop all these skills, particularly the first two.

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