Pawel Pilatowski|| forum funded ::

Pawel Pilatowski|| forum funded ::


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Pawel Pilatowski is a pastor and the principal of the John the Baptist Primary School.

When did you trust Christ?

I made the decision to follow Jesus in 2004. A close friend of mine who was a Christian had a brain tumor. I really wanted to pray for her healing, but when I knelt down, I was so convicted about my own sin that for hours I confessed my sins and begged God to take over my life because I couldn’t live my life on my own. God answered this prayer, freed me from my addictions, and during the next few days healed the person I prayed for. Since then I look for God’s will and serve Him.
What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

About a year after I met Christ, I connected to a missionary from Christian Missionary Fellowship International, Cameroon, who helped me grow in my prayer life and fasting, as well as gain a more radical approach towards sin. A few years later I moved to Warsaw, where I served in a church in a poor neighborhood. I worked with the leaders and the addicted people in the neighborhood, who were going through rehab. In Warsaw I met a pastor and missionary group from Norway who served in many different ways. Through their ministry God dealt with many wounds from my dysfunctional family that I had been carrying since my childhood. At the same time God engaged me in the ministry. I went on to move to Toruń, where God led me to organize meetings for Christians who were outside the church. The goal of those meetings was to help those people to return to Christian fellowship and be a blessing. At that time, I met my wife. My marriage is a great lesson of humility and patience. God led my wife and I to move to the town of Garwolin to support a small church there.
Why do you want to attend the Forum?

I would love to gain knowledge of ministry development and to make contact with people who may be able to help me grow in my Christian education ministry. I want to build relationships with Christians in various countries who are devoted to Christian education.
What is your ministry?

I am a preacher and elder in Społeczność Chrześcijańska w Garwolinie, a small church in Garwolin. I do evangelism, preach, and provide counseling. At the same time, I am employed as head of administration for a Christian school and kindergarten in Warsaw. God has put in my heart a vision for establishing a Christian school in the city of Torun. I believe the ministry that God is starting may touch hundreds and thousands of Poles because of its influence on future generations through Christian education. Throughout the years of the schools’ operation hundreds of its graduates will impact their local communities.
What are your past leadership roles?

I was the leader of a support group for addicted people. I was a leader and interpreter for meetings for Christians outside the church in Torun.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Christian education ministry is an investment in the structure of future society. There is a great need for Christianity to continue its impact on nations and local communities. Christian education gives an opportunity to prepare future generations so that their main goal will be following Jesus. I have already invested in my own education so I can meet legal requirements to run a school in Poland. I have also gained experience and spiritual formation during my work in a Christian school.

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