Richard Sempala|| needs YRM funding ::

Richard Sempala|| needs YRM funding ::


Christian Ministry

Ministry Focus:
Children and/or Youth

What is your ministry?

I founded the Africa Life Youth Foundation in 2004 for the purpose of taking the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to youths in their communities. Since then, I have been speaking in schools four times a week, organizing youth leadership conferences across the country and the great East Africa region, holding youth camps, and speaking at an annual evangelistic event called the Youth Festival for Jesus. We support pregnant young girls with physical and spiritual guidance. We have started 24 school clubs for the purpose of helping youths to evangelize and disciple their peers. We are building a youth ministry network across our country. We are providing youth leaders in villages with basic theological training to help them to understand how to prepare a sermon.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I expect to gain more skills in listening and problem solving and to build relationships with other youth ministry leaders across the world. I hope to learn how to build a youth ministry that will make disciples across the country. I am expecting to build relationships and to learn about what other youth leaders are facing in their ministries and how they handle challenges. I expect to see growth within me after the year of mentoring.

What is your leadership role?

I am the Executive Director of Africa Life Youth Foundation and am responsible for running the entire organization. I fundraise for the entire organization and am responsible for our annual budget. I direct the organization’s operations and programs. I develop and implement accounting policies, procedures, and operational reporting and metrics. I oversee and report on the organization’s results to the board of directors. I build relationships with external organizations that have similar goals.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

There are limited resources available for youth ministry. Most senior pastors do not understand the value of investing in youth ministry departments. Parents are not cooperative.

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