Samuel Mitrofan|| needs forum funding ::

Samuel Mitrofan|| needs forum funding ::


Christian Ministry—Evangelism

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Samuel Mitrofan is the chairman of the board of EE Romania, an organization that trains churches for evangelism.

When did you trust Christ?

I met Jesus as a young boy. I grew up in a Christian home with two parents who were believers. They took me to church every week. One week I heard the sermon and decided to give my life to Christ.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

I want to encounter new ideas and new strategies for evangelism, mentoring, and training. I want to meet new believers from my context and also those working in similar ministries in other countries. I want to form new partnerships. The Forum is a great opportunity to see a wonderful piece of Heaven. Good fellowship and meaningful relationships are plentiful here. I am so grateful for your help.
What is your ministry?

I am the chairman of the board of EE Romania. Our goal is to train churches and organizations for the work of evangelism, both in theory and in practical ways. We do this by helping churches to discover their evangelists. Then we equip those evangelists with the tools that will allow them to train and equip others. We help to create powerful evangelistic teams that gradually can equip all the believers in those churches. These churches are then ready to share the gospel with their communities and the world. We have worked with hundreds of churches and organizations in Romania and Eastern Europe.
What are your past leadership roles?

I was previously the European Director for Capital Ministries. I was also a consultant for the Romanian Parliament.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Evangelism is incredibly important, but most Christians don’t really know how to engage nonbelievers with the gospel. We want to train churches to train Christians in how to do evangelism.

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