Sarka Konickova|| forum funded ::

Sarka Konickova|| forum funded ::

Czech Republic

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Sarka Konickova is responsible for project development of Christianity Explored courses in Czech Republic.

When did you trust Christ?

I grew up in an unbelieving family. My adolescence was a complicated time because my parents got divorced and my mother started suffering from a serious mental disorder. I was glad that I could leave our house to start studying at university and live my own life. In the second year of my Ph.D. studies my mother received the diagnosis that she might die. Around that same time my cousin’s husband got seriously ill as well. Due to all this my father came back to our town into what was a difficult social situation. I thought all of this would be the collapse of our family, and I didn’t feel prepared to stay alone with my cousin and her two small girls. Because I couldn’t do anything I started working too much, and I couldn’t finish all the loads of work that I had promised to do. I got ill, but in the same time, thanks to the recommendation of my best friend, Alzbeta, I started to attend a basic course on Christianity. For the first time I admitted that Jesus could be on my side.
What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

I began to attend Christian festivals and conferences and I had to confess my sins and forgive my parents for not really caring about me when I was growing up. At one festival, I felt the presence of God. It was an absolutely amazing and life-changing experience. Alzbeta’s family is for me the model of a true believer’s. She and her parents helped me to resolve my family problems and recommended to me the church where I was eventually baptized and became a member. At the beginning of my time in church, I was involved in preparing programs as a member and I became one of the youth group leaders. Moreover, I attended a year-long program for the youth leaders in our church. I truly believe that it was God’s miracle that I could live a normal life, and I am thankful for His leading even when I was not a believer. He healed my soul.
Why do you want to attend the Forum?

At the Forum I feel supported, energized, and refilled by the Holy Spirit. I highly appreciate the biblical teaching here. The quality is at a really high level and I am looking forward to applying it in my life and at my job. I also appreciate all the experienced mentors who answered my questions regarding organizational development and fundraising.
What is your ministry?

I am responsible for project development of Christianity Explored courses in Czech Republic. My main task is to contact pastors and inform them about these courses, which are not well known in Czech Republic, and to provide training for leaders of Christianity Explored groups. I am also responsible for the marketing processes in our organization. I also lead Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored groups myself.
What are your past leadership roles?

I was involved in the student organization AIESEC, where I was responsible for talent management. As a volunteer I have been to Malaysia, where I was responsible for HIV education at university and secondary schools. I was a volunteer at a Christian festival called United.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I feel that my vocation is to work with young people, and I think I could do a lot by trying to change our educational system to provide more high-quality services. I would love to give back all His love, which He had for me, and help to grow a new young generation of believers. The Forum is one of the best events in our region and I always wish to learn from the best.

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