Sasa Nikolinovic|| unknown ::

Sasa Nikolinovic|| unknown ::

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pastor, Artist

Ministry Focus:
Pastoring, Fine Arts

What is your ministry?

I am first and foremost a pastor of a local church. Apart from that, I have several responsibilities in the wider context of my denomination and the Evangelical Alliance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am also an artist. I am exhibiting in the church and in secular contexts; in doing so I am hoping to bring spiritual/sacred culture closer to secular culture. I am organizing art workshops in the local church building. I give talks about the arts using works of art as the starting point in a pre-evangelistic talk. I am also trying to bring together artists from the former Yugoslavia into one organized group. In doing so I hope to create space for exchanging ideas for the future projects.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

Many consider certain aspects of the arts in today’s culture as elitism that should be avoided at any cost in the church. I hope to learn how art and the artist in the context of Christianity can maintain a humble posture. I want to see how this humility is expressed in the real life of an artist in the church. I want to see what it looks like when an artist’s potential is maximized in the life of the local and wider church. In what ways can art and the life of the local church exist together? What are the limits? What potential problems do we need to be aware of? What are the experiences and practices of other artists in the context of the local church?

What is your leadership role?

I am the pastor of a local church and am involved in church planting.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I am hoping to have inspiring fellowship with artists I have gotten to know and love over the last two to three years. I am looking forward to meeting some new artists and being enriched through their stories and experiences. I can profit the most in an environment where we talk openly and where ideas are presented and shared freely. I am also hoping to learn practical things from more experienced artists that will be applicable in the life of an artist and in the life of a minister of the Gospel. I would like to hear some honest criticism about my art and to receive guidance about where to go from here.

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